Woensdag, 03 April 2013


Now, after two weeks I've gained a very positive impression of Xoom. My copy is solid and accurate, I am very satisfied. The monitor is for the lateral viewing angle is not quite as good as some of the iPad 2 (the 1st I do not know), but that's the only thing in my view.The way I Xoom use the monitor is perfect, and if one wants to watch sometimes, that's still quite good, and he can even bend a little closer to the central view.

The software and hardware harmonize very well together, the device is snappy and responds to all inputs and spontaneous gestures. USB port, Bluetooth, Flash, Firefox Fennec and other amenities are just a strong case, one needs no iTunes, no Windows and no OSx. And with the SD memory slot will soon be available without end, it just fits everything together. The charging plug is indeed really petite, but still get the broken probably just as gross motor skills. The charger will actually burn very hot, but you can definitely do not mind. The charge time for a nearly full battery is pleasantly short.

Amazed me was the WiFi sensitivity, it is better than my ThinkPad. 3G worked right away as it should be.

The battery life was the first battery charge during intensive use Video/3G/Wlan/GPS after 3 hours at 60%. After several charges, this value is improved, and if the first course, very intensive use has been normalized, you should easily reach 80-10 hours of run time. So real use is meant in the standby mode, the process will take many times longer.

Crashes are the exception, for me it only concerned itself twice Android (automatic reboot), and one or two times an application. However, I had the Xoom it also pretty stressed out: Market-installation, GPS search, download 3G, Music Player etc., and then it stalls the download. In normal operation, otherwise it runs smoothly and without flaws.

I know of no reason for a point deduction, so the highest rating.Source

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